Chat Response Review and huge Bonus

Chat Response Overview

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chat response review

Yes, it is basically a fog based totally software program that uses a brand new technology referred to as the Courier Bots and it allows you to cast computerized messages to customers in facebook Courier. It also allows access to thousands and thousands of facebook customers. Each subscriber you gainings turns into a facebook Courier guide. Then every be aware you forged via the Dashboard is going without delay to each subscriber while not having to cast them personally

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Prattle Replication rethink – the way it Works ?

While a fan to your facebook boy-servant messages your fb Boy-servant the software automatically captures them as a “facebook Courier Lead” or additionally referred to as your subscribers.

You could then cast or broadcast automatic messages through the software to 1 or many subscribers.

Prattle Replication reconsider – Is it now not tough to use ?

Sure! It’s far notably now not hard to apply and once set up, the software program will then can help you…

– enhance countless engaged client’s stock

– forged infinite messages or proclaims to any

– Scroll autoresponder messages

– Automate hold up, one-length automatic tread in the steps of-united states of americaor UNBROKEN tread within the steps of-up sequences to subscribers

Prattle Replication reconsider – evaluate

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Vender: Sam Bakker et al

crops: Prattle Replication

Throw Age: 2016-08-10

Throw duration: eleven:00 EDT

brow-stop cost: $27

Bonuses: yes, Many Bonuses, schooling direction, e mail advertising and extra.

Pay lower back : yes, 30 Day No Questions asked cash-again guarantee

Recess: software program

opportunity to sell Boy-servant : Beat here

Prattle Replication Creates ENGAGED Race-course

Hey amigooos! Today I am reviewing a Facebook utensil called Chat Response. Kinda like the whole of that,or CR for brief 🙂 It’s a FB bot that helps you give to your FB fans easier, plus it has some very cool features 😉

Ok so what da heck is it Srecko and what does it do?

Well it’s a web based app that acts like a bot for your Facebook Fanpages.

So when somebody sends you a message to your Fanpage they are automagically registered as subscribers inside your Chat Response dashboard.

One of the cool features I like about it is that it can act as an autoresponder. Intention you can fling a welcome message and and it allows you to fling messages in sequences exactly like an Autoresponder would.So you can have a welcome message when somebody new sends you the first message to your fanpage and have scheduled/programmed messages go out a day after that and another one after that and so on…you get the point right? Right, ok,influencing on 🙂

What I didn’t like about this outcome was the setup. When I was testing it there were no tutorials and it was quite annoying. Right now I fall upon the tutorials for the Facebook part at least quite serviceable so you guys shouldn’t have any issues. Although I will cursory reference or allusion you will need a Secrecy Rule serving-boy, a png icon 1024×1024 pixels and a freakin’ screencast from your phone showing the app laboring. All this for our dear Facebook.

Bullet Response vs Chat Response

What I like better in Bullet Response

– Well it has demo bring into lineament that imports ready made responses for messages that contain a certain vocable or messages that are equal to the exact vocable/brief expression.

– Also you can give a new form to these responses in any way you like. Something I harbor’t found in Chat Response.

– Bullet Response also has these thingies that you can put in into your automatic responses: {first_name},{last_name},{full_name},{age},{duration}

So it would look like this for example:

Howdy {first_name} , Welcome To Bullet Response. How can i help you?

Which is personalized and better in my opinion.

That is Bullet Response’s welcome better which can be customized any way you lik

And I like it better than this:

Which is Chat Response’s welcome message which I didn’t fall upon a way to give a new form to and it is not personalized.

– What I also like in Bullet Response is a structured message lineament that allows you to fling images and clickable buttons/calls to motion and you can have multiple images and calls to motion within one message so comely cool.

So Bullet Response allows you to have: True copy, Statue or Structured Messages

– What I also like in Bullet Response better is that you have a contacts section and you can efface or edit users on your schedule. You can also strain them out based on your projects, gender, have they subscribed or not.

– Which brings me to another point I like better in Bullet Response. Ok so in Chat Response you fling a message to somebodies serving-boy and you are on their schedule. Sounds copl but is it? Do you know you are subscribed? Do you like you got subscribed automatically without anyone asking you anything? Probably not.

Bullet Response doesn’t work that way. The someone sending the message to a Fanpage needs to stamp in „subscribe“into the chatbox to get subscribed and there is an info message about this that can of course be modified. I have also found this true copy inside Bullet Response dashboard that infuses confidence they pay watch to these things. Here it is:

Ok so what do I like better in Chat Response.

– Well the basic sending of messages is much simpler. You cull the bot and you fling the message, that’s it. It goes to the Fanpage that bot is coupled to and everyone gets the message. In Bullet Response when you go to Fling Message you can only fling responses that you already created for automatic responses that contain certain words. So you cannot actually stamp in any message you want, which is annoying and theoretical. Weak-minded really imo.

– Sequences infant babe – this is awesome in Chat Response. This basically allows you to turn round your CR into an autoresponder. Yes you can have a welcome message and yes you can fling scheduled messages.

How many messages can you fling? FB needs to approve for infinite and they need to approve for infinite subscribers as well. Will they? It’s Facebook, how da heck should I know 🙂 they give a new form to their vein quicker than a monkey on experimental drugs. EDIT: FB has approved my app yaaay!

One thing I like better in Chat Response too is the fact that you can contiguity each subscriber individually.

Ok so on to the Likes and Dislikes of Chat Response.


–         Welcome messages

–         Sequences – works like an autoresponder

–         You can fling messages to subscribers individually

–         Sending messages, scheduling in welcome messages and sequences isvery unblended and light


–         The setup – I couldn’t setup the GroupMe and Careless bot and it’s annoying

–         Subscribers are subscribed basically without their not crooked consent. They do get these messages though:

–         Not sure if you can efface subscribers individually but this seems like a useful lineament. You know if you have somebody who doesn’t discern how to unsubscribe and keep sending menacing messages to you…so this would be useful 🙂

–         You cannot seem to give a new form to these automated welcome messages above. This is not only for phraseology purposes. What if you want to use the software in another tongue?

–         You can only have 1 schedule of subscribers per Fanpage

Chat Response – Special Summary

This will not convey you traffic, you need to have race coming to your fanpage leaving messages in order for this to be of use. If you don’t have traffic coming to your fanpage then, what are you gonna do with this?

It will be like you have R2D2 and C3PO walking through the barren alone.  In case you do have traffic coming in to your fanpage then this could be used as a comely nifty and at liberty autoresponder, because race tend to repression their FB messages 🙂

You could also proffer it to limited businesses as a menial duties, although it would be awesome if you could give a new form to the welcome messages in case you want to use it in another tongue.

I would prefer to have all of the features Bullet Response has with the added features of Sequences that Chat Response has, plus the readiness to give with subscribers individually and fling objective typed messages to everybody which is actually a lineament Bullet Response is lost.

Would also like to have multiple arena for a single fanpage for segmentation purposes and increased click through rates.

Btw if you are asking me to tell you what to get. I don’t know, here are the facts so you make your own choice 🙂 I personally would prefer a combo between those 2 products. That would be awesome.


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