Webinar JEO Review Bonus

Webinar JEO Introduction

webinar JEO

By method for foundation, I’m not a webinar master but rather am beginning to effectively utilize them over my diverse business wanders. My dissatisfaction so far has been the trash stages that I’ve attempted to utilize. So far I’ve considered/attempted and disposed of the accompanying: http://mark-review.com/webinar-jeo-review/

Moment Teleseminar – you need to stack up each slide as before you begin and infrequently I get a kick out of the chance to ad lib on the fly which it isn’t generally made to do and the format looks truly old and dated.

Other than that it looked strong and solid however I additionally truly should have been ready to show recordings and so forth so capacity to screen share was a fundamental component. I didn’t run a live occasion through this stage therefore in light of the fact that that was a major issue for me.

WebinarJam and EverWebinar – I was suggested this stage by various individuals.

Set up and altering was repetitive for each webinar and getting to the report information/examination felt like it had far a bigger number of ventures than were vital. At that point subsequent to doing 3 webinars on the WebinarJam stage I pledged to never, ever utilize a GoogleHangouts based webinar stage again.

It was terrible thus difficult to connect with the group of onlookers actually. I’m an extremely encounter moderator (gather preparing, workshops and so forth) and I found the 30+ sec postponement was truly perturbing and likely brought about my webinar going 15mins longer than it expected to immediately.

Fortunately they completed on their unconditional promise and gave my cash back. The entire paying for WebinarJam and after that discovering I additionally expected to pay additional for EverWebinar with a specific end goal to run robotized webinars likewise didn’t make for an exceptionally upbeat client.

I’m a private venture proprietor attempting to help my customers, not a web showcasing hotshot who pumps individuals through channels so estimating is imperative.


GoToWebinar – has the capacity yet requiring the downloading modules and absence of versatile openness implies I will conceivably lose my customers before they even get onto the webinar. Cost was restrictive given the little $ return on a large portion of my webinars (they are more individual than that). Given my encounters as a viewer on GTW I ruled against utilizing it for a stage for my webinars.


A heap of others that I could tell straight away didn’t have the elements I need/requirement for my extending organizations.


I was beginning to think about whether I’d ever have the capacity to run a webinar without feeling like calling my mummy or having a fit!


pitiful 1223006


After much research, pondering and disappointment I in the long run depended on WebinarAlly, a WordPress module, and ran our live National Simultaneous Storytime occasion (finish with book-climbing little children, an amplifier that didn’t exactly reach and our insane caps!). On the off chance that you need somewhat of a giggle to our detriment then don’t hesitate to look at it here:


Chatterbugs’ National Simultaneous Storytime (2016)


What I loved about WebinarAlly was that it was modest (YAY!), I could utilize it on my current sites and it was entirely simple to utilize. The drawback is that cooperation is dubious (I couldn’t get the talk additional items they recommended to work exceptionally well for me so I surrendered them) and you can’t do surveys, take verbal inquiries live or inspire members to participate or add to an exchange. The other drawback is that it is likewise on the GoogleHangouts stage so irritating postponement is still there and I additionally had issues with getting my Google record to talk give me a chance to begin the home base and play pleasantly with my YouTube account I wound up loading it onto an alternate YouTube record to the one I really needed it on.

So exactly when I thought all trust was lost, something inconceivable happened… .

My inward geek fervor o-meter went into overdrive when both Webinar Ninja 4.0 and Webinar JEO were propelled in close progression to each different this previous end of the week. I had been sitting tight for Webinar Ninja 4.0 to dispatch and it looked encouraging.

I had discovered Webinar JEO in my prior chase for stages however before dispatch it just resembled a ton of promoting buildup and I truly had no clue what it really could/couldn’t do or what the components were.

So I rolled the dice and agreed to both to give them a shot and chose to impart my encounters to all of you.

Webinar JEO:


No Delay!!!!!! Genuinely this fulfills me so.

Cherish the design. It’s straightforward, spotless and super easy to use. It took me a couple of minutes to discover fundamental/progressed alter so I could alter enlistment page (likely in light of the fact that I was doing it late around evening time) however generally everything in the format is anything but difficult to discover and it has a truly pleasantly outlined, instinctive interface.

Brisk set up. As a first time client it genuinely took me just 15 secs to set up another webinar. Cherish this element and it makes me need to embrace Omar who created Webinar Ninja.

14 day free trial. Definitely, I know they do what needs to be done to get you in the entryway, however it works and I like it.

It’s decent to have the capacity to test the framework out before you focus on progressing installments and given my awful encounters with earlier stages and feeling marginally bored thus I was especially thankful for this hazard free offer.

Messages as of now consequently made (thank heaven!) and it’s super simple to make additional items too.

You can include members live which implies it will be reasonable for my online Mastermind sessions and in addition parent Q&A sessions.

Everything is implicit. All the page formats are there and it looks proficient without you expecting to do a ton of alters. They’ve even made it simple to share your webinar enlistment by means of web-based social networking.


Layouts are not gigantically customizable e.g. I couldn’t change the picture on the enrollment page I needed to utilize. Possibly that usefulness is there yet it wasn’t showing up effectively for me.

Set me to wrong time zone thus then needed to go erase the webinar and reset my settings to the time zone I ought to have been into have the capacity to reproduce the webinar accurately. Not a biggie particularly given another webinar just takes 10-15secs to make however in light of a legitimate concern for being extensive I’m recording it at any rate.

Visual grainy in low light. I will check again in great light in the daytime and it may very well be my tablet camera yet I’ve done video recordings in comparable light and shown signs of improvement picture clarity than that.

Costs more than Webinar JEO. Valuing scales as per number of participants so evaluating model is a duplicate of GoToWebinar yet substantially more reasonable and better stage similarly as I can tell.

At the point when including offers show is bad on littler tablet (I have 12″ screen) as the spare catch is outside of the screen view and you can’t look down (GRR) I needed to conform window size to have the capacity to tap the catches.

Content continued vanishing so I couldn’t alter it and I lost past alters when I coincidentally back clicked regardless of having “spared” the progressions.

By and large I’m preferring Webinar Ninja 4.0 and would be content with this as a stage to use for my progressing needs. It’s basic, perfect and continuous live communication. However, hold tight, I haven’t enlightened you regarding Webinar JEO yet…

Webinar JEO Conclusion

I’ll be straightforward I wasn’t holding my breath since I figured this was simply one more stage worked by individuals who are effective advertisers instead of splendid programming arrangement architects however so far I’ve been VERY, VERY agreeably astounded. It has made me confident that there may be a solution for my webinar stage quandary.


Estimating model that works for me. The one yearly cost is sensibly reasonable and I got it at the dispatch exceptional value (YAY!) so that is shockingly better

. I like not changing my arrangement in the event that I have a couple webinars that are greater than others. Boundless arrangements fill my heart with joy. (NB: They then demolished this for me after I obtained with their chafing upsells however observe cons for subtle elements)

Components are astonishing – such a large number of cool instruments and alternatives (see picture underneath). Fundamentally this bundle appears as though it can do everything (and then some) that I need from a framework.

Constant webinars – no irritating deferrals and drop outs.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 4.34.18 AM


Obtaining was monotonous – it wasn’t getting along with my PayPal account and took me a while to discover there was a minor additional catch at checkout I expected to choose before I went to PayPal installment page to have the capacity to utilize my charge card through PayPal. Ughh – folks take care of business or utilize Stripe as it’s so much less demanding or the client! At that point the thankyou page slammed thus I needed to sit tight for that to reload

I truly despise the promoting buildup bazaar they have going on. Not a fanatic of endless upsells. Truly simply let somebody appreciate purchasing something without beating them something else before they’ve even had sufficient energy to praise the choice to purchase from you. I’ve settled on a choice and now you need me to make another about something I didn’t know I expected to choose – I’m feeling tired rather than energized by your item now. I even purchased the inept layouts pack since I am tired of getting into frameworks and after that discovering it can’t do what I need it to on the grounds that you have to purchase something else.


I attempted to include two update messages and they never appeared.


It’s significantly more perplexing than Webinar Ninja 4.0 yet that is likely because of the expansive number of components.


I’ll continue adding to this post as I test every framework out increasingly however at this stage Webinar JEO is resembling a victor for me with Webinar Ninja 4.0 a nearby runner up. I think Webinar Ninja 4.0 would suit somebody who simply needs a super spotless, simple to utilize stage however Webinar JEO has significantly more power in the engine the length of they can convey what they guarantee.

If you don’t mind note: I’m a working mum attempting to keep here children bolstered, dressed and taught so on the off chance that I can get member joins I will place them into this review however I’m composing this from the point of view of an independent venture proprietor attempting to locate the best stage so on the off chance that I don’t care for it I’ll let it know straight!

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