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Graphitii Review – Creating Cinemagraphs with Ease

Meta: Cinemagraphs contain lots of features that make them stand away from the crowd. Graphitii is an incredible tool to create them. Allow my Graphitii Review today explain to you why!



While the expansion rate of business (both online and offline) is an great function, what will you be able to do to catch the customer attention? Is there any way to be one level in front of your rivals?

There is! Truly a lot, and one of the most effective way is eye-catching marketing. I mean using stunning animation effects to get people attention. However, if your store is new, it’s possibly which you can not compete with reputable competition if you follow the same way as they did. You have to be different!

Cinemagraph is the thing that can bring such difference to you. Certainly, additionally it is a kind of eye-catching marketing, but instead than a normal picture or video, it creates a looping video inside a static picture. To produce it, you’ll need tools. One of them is Graphitii – a brand new software aiding you create stunning and unique cinemagraphs with simplicity. For more info about it, continue my Graphitii Review!

Graphitii Review – Overview

”              Vendor: Joey Xoto

”              Product: Graphitii

”              Sales Site:

”              Launch Date: 2017-Mar-14

”              Launch Time: 11: 00 EDT

”              Front-End Price: $67

”              Bonus: CERTAINLY

”              Refund: 40 Day Money Back Assurance

”              Recommend: Strongly Recommend

What is Graphitii?

Graphitii is a robust and simple-to-utilize software which is made to assist you in creating15006 stunning and unique cinemagraphs for both person and business purpose. Intended for those who can’t say for sure, a cinemagraph is a brand new form of art understood to be a picture in which a movement is repeated to make it look like a video. The best thing concerning this tool is that it’s incredibly simple and quick to use. It is not necessary any designing experience to find out it.

What are the Features of Graphitii?

It’s a Cloud-Based Software

The main database of Graphitii is on the web. To use it, you simply open any internet browser (Chrome, Chrome, Safari, and so out ) and log in it. This also means the tool requires no download or installation. And you can access it from any device, whether a laptop or a smartphone.


It’s Fully Personalized

As you’re using Graphitii, you will find numerous pre-designed templates, pictures, results, and so on. They’re all pre-made to acceleration up your work. Nevertheless , this doesn’t mean you don’t have any authority to improve and personalize them to fit your taste. Certainly, you can, and you may do it very easily.

Really Straightforward to Use

The best thing about Graphitii is that newbies, who have no designing skill or experience, can make use of it effortlessly while it’s form of a designing software like Photoshop. Nevertheless , in order to master Photoshop, you’ll desire a considerable assess of study and practice, while Graphitii is within minutes.

How does This Work?

Graphitii only will go 4 simple steps:

”              Step 1: Upload your online video

”              Step 2: Crop your video (select which part you want it powerful and what type static)

”              Step 3: Select your online video thumbnail

”              Step 4: Conserve and share your cinemagraph

For more information how to work with it, have a look at the video below:

Price and Just how to Buy It


The sales page is where you’ll need to visit to buy Graphitii. Their front-end version is $47 but can be up to $67 as the time flies. The only way to get it with the lowest price is becoming the early parrots, so be as quick as you can!

As well, Graphitii gives you two numerous choices of purchase:

”              Graphitii Club ($37/month): Be a member to talk about your cinemagraphs with others. Of course, you also receive a lot from this club.

”              Graphitii Shop ($97): Be a smart buyer to grab hottest cinemagraphs with very sensible prices.

What about additional bonuses? Yes, there are a lot:

”              #Bonus one particular – Viral Video Container: A WP plugin to increase brand recognition by adding logos into your music and video.

”              #Bonus 2 – Video Advertising Blueprint: A simple guide coaching you how to work with videos to advertise your business and create enormous leads.

”              #Bonus 3 – Youtube-video Mastery: Secrets of using the #1 video sharing network to monetize your videos and create video contents.

”              #Bonus 4 – Smart Online video Sales Letters: The best formula for creating the most compelling video sales letters

”              #Bonus 5 – Video Rank Alliance: Straightforward but effective techniques to rank your videos on YouTube.

Why Should You Buy It?

It Helps you to save your cash

The sad simple fact is that businesses have burned out hundreds of thousand dollars on promoting products using polished computer animation, including both videos and pictures. The major part of this wasting generally comes from designer selecting fee. Another truth is that while you invest plenty of money on marketing, it’s possibly that likely to receive nothing. You help your employees rich, but you’re still poor. Graphitii can solve this problem. You buy it once, and that’s all!

Really Truly Effective

Cinemagraphs contain lots of features which can make them stand out from the crowd. Firstly, they’re great for sharing on social media. Just how cinemagraphs are displayed is very similar to gifs, and you recognize how gifs have thrived for a short time. Secondly, cinemagraphs provides real value. The statistic indicates that cinemagraphs boost the engagement rate up to 60% more than static pictures.


Attempting to capture user’s attention while being cost effective is a daily fight of several entrepreneurs and marketers. Now, with Graphitii, the challenge is finally solved. Let say goodbye to costly freelancers and designing course. Rather, buy Graphitii and grasp it yourself!

This can be my Graphitii Review! And say thanks to you for reading!


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