SiteSync Review & Bonuses

When you use the service from SiteSync? Let’s check it out inside my SiteSync review right below.

Now, I am just sure you have at least once thought about the security part of your website. Many people and maybe including you set up defender plugins to stop spam messages, malicious logins, etc. But do you think they can protect your site looking at a direct attack from cyber criminals? I gamble they are not able to.


Essential you should think about website data back up copies. This is certainly a safe way for you when you can actually regain the full data to a new domain even when your domain is hacked. Although unfortunately, the hosting service usually allows only every month backup.

SiteSync is the light at the conclusion of this tunnel. It’s a new service that allows you to schedule your back up process whatever way you want. That means you might have the backup of your site right from yesteryear. If you would like to check the SiteSync review of mine before deciding to buy it, stay closed to this post.

SiteSync Assessment -Summary

–       Author: Neil Napier

–       Launch Date: May twenty two, 2017

–       Launch Time: 14: 00 EDT

–       Launch Selling price: $37

–       Recommend: Strongly recommended

–       Customer Support: Fast

Precisely what is Sitesync software?

Brought to us by Neil Napier, SiteSync demo video is the popular backup service built on the impair with greater storage and schedule allowed. There are many packages so that you can choose so you don’t have to worry about the availability of this software. You can purchase up to unrestricted packages for site management and 1TB storage.

With SiteSync, you can have your site protected by daily schedule. That’s much better that the month-to-month schedule of hosting service and you could restore the data immediately if there is any problem.

Now, within the next part of this SiteSync review, we’ll see precisely inside this software and what Neil offers with SiteSync.

Main Features of SiteSync

The next features are what I saw spectacular to me when We access my SiteSync accounts. Check them right below:

Create Unlimited Backups

You can schedule the software to create unlimited a back up for your site. The frequency of making copies can be up to daily work, in addition to various plans to choose.

Add Up To Unlimited Sites

You could have 2 front-end packages the basic plan with 5 sites and the elite plan with 50 sites. On the other hand, you can buy the unlimited-site package if you feel that’s not enough for your work.

Get Approximately 1TB Storage

In front-end packages, you will get 50 GB to store your data. I actually think this is a great deal but just in court case you need to know more space, you can buy the 1TB package deal for a huge weight of data storage.

Appropriate with Various Platforms

SiteSync supports various platforms of site creation such as FTP, HTML, and WordPress. The system of SiteSync will automatically hook up and configure itself with those platforms so you do not have to do any techy things. I appreciates this versatility.

Built 100% Cloud-Based

Just like other backup services, SiteSync is created 100% on the cloud. It’s easy so that you can use online wherever you go and anytime of the day.

Now, discussing see if SiteSync is user friendly in the next part of my SiteSync review.

How Does SiteSync Work?

It’s very easy when coming to use SiteSync for your site. The following process is what I used for my account:

Step one particular: Select the sort of platform and add new site

Stage 2: Confirm usage of your site from SiteSync

Stage 3: Set up the backup schedule

If you want to have a closer look, check the SiteSync demo video down below:

> > >  Demo Video  < < <

That will Get Benefits from SiteSync?

Naturally, SiteSync was created for folks the get better at of websites or personal blogs. Everyone should be aware of the value of website security which directly influences their business and customers. SiteSync offers the ultimate and a lot frequently method for website protection. I recommend this software to all or any website owners, affiliates, bloggers, web store owners, and so on. It’s critical to have a safe way for protecting your sites.

SiteSync Review – Pros and Cons

The Pros of SiteSync

? Affordable price

? Steady backup system

? Easy-to-use software

? Great customer support

The Cons of SiteSync

To be frank, this service is flawless. I highly recommend it.

My Consensus On SiteSync

I have great experience with SiteSync up to now, and i believe you will get that too. The guideline is very comprehensive so if you are stuck at any steps, check it to solve techy stuff. The software is quite easy-to-use so you can get used to it in no time. The extra bundle OTOs are plentiful for any sorts of users if you buy them. Overall, the SiteSync software has a huge value for your price and it can also simple to operate with 50GB storage. This is ample to manage 5 sites of small and medium sizes.

SiteSync Review Bottom line

There are many affordable plans so that you can choose on the official website of SiteSync. The basic and cheapest plan starts at the price of only $37. This is the launch price and it will increase in the next day or two. So, if you wish to secure the best deal of SiteSync for your websites, you is going to take action immediately. Check the prices plans in the follow link and make your decision right now!

This kind of is the end of my SiteSync review. 2 weeks. good software that any website owners should use. For those who have anything incorrect when buying SiteSync, contact me for instant support. Thank you for reading!


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