LetVidimaze review and bonus

Introduction of LetVidimaze

There actually many long-form pages with multiple videos. The owners think they can catch the attention of more leads with amazing videos. But they neglect one thing and this mistake ruins all their great contents, their hard-working effort. You want to really know what this mistake is?

Follow me in this LetVidimaze Reviewand I will tell you about it!

LetVidimaze Overview

Vendor: Kimberly de Vries et ‘s

Product: LetVidimaze

Launch Particular date: November 28th, 2017

Kick off Time: 11: 00 SE RÉVÈLE ÊTRE

Front – End Cost: $37 – $67

Deal Page: http://letvidimaze.com/

Niche: Application

Recommend: Highly Recommended

What is LetVidimaze software?

LetVidimaze allows you to create a tour guide video for the visitor coming to your pages. Yep!!! It can not really a normal video with animation. This system helps you make video which will follow your invitee like a tour guide to introduce about your pages.

What’s more? Is actually not simply ONLY ONE online video. Depending your setup, LetVidimaze may play the specific video attached with each segment of your sites. It strongly increases the interaction with the group. Whenever they scroll to, they can hear immediately the info about that part.

Let me remind you of the mistake We mentioned in the first part of my LetVidimaze Review. If you’ve evervisited a website where there’s a video on the top, you absolutely would play that online video and scroll along. And here it is. You could only hear the audio tracks while you rolling down. It’s distracting you. The worse thing is what’s said in the video isn’t completely about the segment you’re rolling to.

Which is the experience of your visitors when offered to your sites. Because of this, LetVidimaze is developed to correct this.

About the Author

It was a little while until Kimberly de Varies an attractive long time to develop this system along with her team. And it in addition took weeks again to evaluate it on several times before established launch. So you can trust in the practicality of this product.

Kim is known with many strong and creative products on IM. In the while, she’s gonna launch the amazing system on JVZoo such as VidStudioFX or LetX Product. make sure to keep tab on these.

What will you have in LetVidimaze system?

This’s the most wanted part within my LetVidimaze Review. You want to find out about the key uses and outstanding tools in this product. This part will tell you. And to not waste time, we’ll look at the major ones only.

–           Automatically play videos on different parts of your webpages

–           Create visibly playing online video on your sites (this main feature is like the floating video of FB)

–           Integrate on all popular used page contractors

–           Trigger on mobile devices

–           Completely customizable pop out video frames

–           Controllably change how your introducing online video will look like (customize and edit the heading, subtitle, description, background, textual content, color,… )

–           Preview feature right within the installation frame to manage your video better

–           Freely to paste links, Call To Action and redirected backlinks in the video

–           Freely to upload your own videos

–           Can add online video from YouTube quickly without slow loading

–           Freely set up your video position

–           Divide the segments in your pages by copying and pasting the made regulations

–           Show the full stats with transparent statistics

–           Use the library within the dashboard

–           Integrate with common auto responders to build lists right in at the video

–           One-time repayment with no extra payment

–           Improve the attraction and convenience when visitors come to your sites

–           Lengthen the staying time of your visitors

–           Increase the clicking rates and the conversion of your internet pages

How To Use

I actually won’t waste your time with more words within this how to use in this LetVidimaze Review. Verify out the demo online video here for detailed instructions.

The product is campaign based so it is very easy to arranged up a campaign with this system. once if you’re familiar with it, why don’t we create one and likely to be more than satisfied.

Personal Experience

On the whole, We had no complaint with this product. The system worked well and efficiently for me. To be honest, I adore the idea of creating ongoing playing videos when scrolling a web site. It reduces the frenzymadness, desperation, hysteria, mania, insanity, delirium, derangement strongly, and instead centers far more on interacting with visitor punctually on the segment they are.

Even though combining videos to slip in with different parts in one site, I found the loading of the video quickly enough. This’s a really a good justification in my opinion.

Positives and Cons


–           Loading speed is acceptable

–           Easily to edit the online video case

–           Attach many adding tools on your videos: links, buy now button,…

–           Integrate straightly with automobile responders


I’ve not seen any.

Price and Analysis

LetVidimaze is costed $37-$67 for FE version. For anyone who is considering this system, you should act quickly because the developers offer special discount during introducing time. In my judgment, this is a sensible price in this strong system.

After all, I believe this product is a great add-on for all types of internet pages. And thank for reading my LetVidimaze Review. This’s kind of long but I hope it’s useful for you. See you later!


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