VideoMakerFX Review Bonus

VideoMakerFX has been developed by Peter Roszak in order to thoroughly solve this issue. By implementing this application in your business, you will be able to not only reduce the expense of video-making, however, you are also capable of creating a series of profit-pulling videos for your business website.VideoMakerFX has been developed by Peter Roszak in order to thoroughly solve this issue.

By implementing this application in your business, you will be able to not only reduce the expense of video-making, however, you are also capable of creating a series of profit-pulling videos for your business website.VideoMakerFX Review – Review
– Vendor: Peter Roszak- Product: VideoMakerFX- Launch Date: 2014-May-05- Launch Time: 11: 00 EDT- Front-End Price: $37 – $47- Sales Site: Click Here
– Niche: Standard- Refund: 30-day money back again guarantee- Bonus: Yes, check out here
– Recommend: Remarkably recommend
What is it?
VideoMakerFX is a video-making system which is straight targeted at digital marketers who are lacking in the ability to create videos for professional purposes.

Not only is VideoMakerFX easy to use, but it also enables you to produce almost any online video that you would like based on your niche market.About WriterPeter Roszak is a well-known digital marketer for his profound knowledge in this field.

Many of his products and services have been in the middle of attention for their universal success, making him truckloads of online profits to his financial institution accounts.Because of his renowned reputation in the market, undoubtedly that VideoMakerFX will also become a huge success shortly. The next part of my VideoMakerFX Review is heading to articulate its

major functions.VideoMakerFX Review

Features & BenefitsRight here is a summary of some of the major features that VideoMakerFX has to offer:- VideoMakerFX software. This is the principal tool lets you create your own videos. Keep in mind that this application is totally compatible with Mac and Windows, and it is extremely easy to personalize.- 20 royalty-free music songs.

These music tracks were all composed from a profession music maker, so their professional natures are guaranteed.- More than 240 animated slide scenes. These kinds of themes cover an amount of 35 different subject areas, permitting you to create any type of online video.-

A mammoth bundle of graphics and backgrounds. These kinds of media graphics can be easily applied to your videos within a few simple clicks of your mouse, along with other additional icons and pictures.- Videos’ full rights. Therefore besides making videos for private purposes, you are able to sell them or broadcast them on mass media based on your decisions.- Generate sales letter videos. VideoMakerFX allows you produce professional online video sales letters which are commonly employed by marketers.-

Free updates and support for a year. Your current version of VideoMakerFX will be carefully saved by the developers for 1 yr, starting from the particular date of your purchase.- Guidelines and training materials. Even though VideoMakerFX is acutely personal, the developers of this software still supplies users with a huge collection of training materials.

Just how does it Work?Actually, VideoMakerFX is very easy to use because its dial is developed with newbie-friendliness as the top goal. If you want to determine more about the way this application actually works in reality, be sure to have a look at the demo video, along with some of the sample videos which were constructed with VideoMakerFX right here.Who Should purchase That?My first impression with VideoMakerFX is that it is a perfect choice for beginners in video-making.

Specificially, this application utilizes a simple system, so that it will not take much time to produce one sole video like any other professional animation software.Furthermore, VideoMakerFX is a great choice for internet marketers because of its functionality and convenience. Particularly, purchasing this application means that you can escape from month to month subscriptions, not to point out that the videos made with VideoMakerFX will never be noticeable with any watermark.Positives and ConsPros- Fully applicable to multiple different niche categories- Compatible with all technological devices- No preceding experience needed- Tutorial videos are provided to help you proficiently maximize this product’s potentials Disadvantages- Old-version computers may find some time and lagged when processing VideoMakerFXPersonal EncounterIt of my VideoMakerFX Review will specialize in my personal view on this application. To be honest, I use never seen such an intuitive and easy-to-use software that still provides users with a powerful package of features.From my own experience, want to know the best part about VideoMakerFX is its ability to generate promotional videos.The high-converting and professional online video presentations that I have formulated with this system let me boost audience proposal without paying a huge amount of money.Furthermore, not only is this application flexible enough for inexperienced users like me personally, but it is also a great option for multiple purposes. To put it another way, no matter what niche market you focus on, VideoMakerFX will always guarantee to supply you with stunning videos.Evaluation and ValueVia this VideoMakerFX Assessment, I want to highlight that VideoMakerFX’s official start date is scheduled to be on May 05, 2014. Additionally, the front end price of this software ranges from $37 to $47. Nevertheless, this price is not stable, so make up your head quickly in the event that it changes unexpectedly.

Alternatively, I have to mention that you will have a chance to test out VideoMakerFX’s features for a period of 30 days before you make your last decision whether to buy it or not. Consequently, if there is something you do not like about this product, you can totally have your full money back. On other words, your investment is basically safe.

The Bottom LineMy VideoMakerFX Review has come to a finish. Hopefully, my personal review of the video-making platform has informed you with a more basic understanding of how this application actually works. Additionally, don’t hesitate to ask me any question when there is something which you are not clear about. Great luck with your decision and discover you next time!


Dropmock Kinetic Review and Bonus

Dropmock Kinetic Review – Generate the most professional marketing videos

You want to create stunning marketing videos without running into any trouble on the way? Then my Dropmock Kinetic Review is something you comprehensive guide!


Every marketer wants to have all of their goods sold-out in the nick of your time. There are multiple ways to do this, but the most well-known one is videos. Since customers love taking a look at colorful, vivid images than staring at simple texts, using videos has always been the best strategy.However, creating a professional full-length marketing online video isn’t a fairly easy task.

This requires a lot of experience as well as technical knowledge. For a long time, this has been a serious problem for marketers, especially the beginners. But today, you can bid farewell to all of these headaches by using

What is Dropmock Kinetic?In other words,

Dropmock Kinetic is a new software that can help you make easier the process of creating qualified marketing videos. This has been designed to be as easy as possible so that even newbie can make use of it to make breath-taking videos. Unlike the other complicated way of getting videos, when using Dropmock Kinetic, everything will be displayed right in front side of your eyes. The sole thing you have to do is clicking your mouse button!Normally, you have to spend a huge amount of time as well as money to produce a professional online video. Plus, you have to put up with complicated programs and instructions that even the experts find hard to follow. Yet with Dropmock Kinetic, zero of that is heading to happen.

By work of clicking, dragging and dropping, you can create appealing marketing videos in minutes!About authorClaire Warner has been working in the marketing field for a long time. He has also created several well-known products, such as Flexy Ai and MemberPal. Consequently, there is no doubt that this individual is a professional in this field.

Dropmock Kinetic is his hottest inventions. And there is a high opportunity that it is going to be the biggest blockbuster video release in 2017!Features and benefitsEasy drag and drop

UIYou will will no longer have to face all the technical issues while building video. Following purchasing Dropmock Kinetic, you can get instant gain access to to a sizable number of themes. All the hard steps have been done for you. Now, you just need to include a lttle bit of your content to help make the videos unique and, well, yours. Producing videos is never this easy, right?Cloud-based system

Dropmock Kinetic is completely cloud-based. This means you can access it through multiple devices and internet browsers without having to lose database.Done-for-you email swipping campaigns

Dropmock Kinetic consists of full email campaigns in a variety of niches. More notably, these have been skillfully suitable for maximum click-rate by the same Copywriter at the rear of Smart Video’s success! You just need to place your name and rock and roll your campaign.High-class support

The Dropmock Kinetic’s system has been tested and developed for years. In short, it is faultless and can suit whomever in need of it. Of course, if you happen to run into any difficulties, there is no need to stress. You just need to contact the software’s support team and let them manage the rest.Conversion-crushing prelaunch

There is another reason why you should choose Dropmock Kinetic: it is future contest. Even before the launching day, the producer will be hosting a prelaunch leads tournament with cash-prize. They have also prepared a special pre-launch webinar exclusive to your lists, showcasing full-demos, amazing real results; and more importantly, the opportunity that you can own the software first!How does it work?Dropmock Kinetic will ready to provide you with its best shot after having a few simple steps. You can check out their demo video for more information.

Pros and cons of Kinetic Dropmock

Pros- Easy to work with- Require no prior experience- Professional appearance- “Click, drag and drop” system- No need for other software- Exclusive tournamentCons- There is not one so farPersonal experienceAs my Kinetic Dropmock Review has explained right from the start, this is truly a perfect chance so that you can create professional marketing videos. Think about it! Great videos will attract more visitors. Even more visitors mean more customers. More buyers mean more profit. Amazing, right? In only minutes and you have already earned yourself something that can be moved into hundreds of us dollars!I learned this from experience. Kinetic Dropmock has been creating videos for me for quite a while. And My spouse and i is really satisfied with the results! Ever since My spouse and i started using these wonderful videos, the money in my account has held on rising and growing. I think if you choose to give it a try, you will love it as We do.

Price and analysisYou can certainly own Kinetic Dropmock with just $67. For something which will help you build breath-taking marketing videos without running into any trouble, I think this is the lowest package you can get.Even so, after the first kick off has ended, the software’s price will quickly rise up. Therefore, please get it as fast as possible. Bottom lineMaking videos with appealing content will no longer be a challenge if you know the right software to use. With Kinetic Dropmock, you can create such professional videos that can convince everyone to buy from you without getting drenched in sweat. And so, what are you ready for? Go and pick up one already!Also, give thanks to you for reading my Kinetic Dropmock Review!

Vlydo Review – why should you buy it?

In this post, I will show you a new amazing online video tool And it named Vlydo !

That’s going to generate traffic similar to how YouTube does. Which will means you’ll engage your audiences like never before, and increase video views by over 300%.


We all all know that Twitter right now is the biggest traffic hub on the web. In reality YouTube serves over 4 billion video view every day.

The following is another truth…

Each visitor that comes to visit YouTube spends about 45 minutes every day watching videos.

Now I can’t say for sure about you but I’m spending a lot of my time on that because YouTube suggests interested videos based on mine.

We would even go as far to talk about it’s one of the reasons Vimeo is now so successful.

It can their ability to show multiple videos on a single page. It improves views, increase engagement – keep visitors coming back again and provides YouTube an possibility to make more Ad Earnings.

Surrounding the web many sites have attempted to repeat a similar model but since you’ll probably know it’s difficult to features a number of videos on a single web page.

There isn’t really an easy solution out there that takes minutes to build for someone even if they aren’t a creator.

That may be until now!


With Vlydo, you can solve this problem by helping you build a video player that not only looks great but also allows marketers like you and i also to create YouTube like Playlist pages that are quick to load and make us money.


Nevertheless not only that, with Vlydo, you can add custom call-to-action and business lead generation ability. And it also integrated with Facebook . com means you can use Vlydo right within the biggest social network and generate more lead as well

Sound lovely, right? Very well it’s only the start!

Vlydo is an adaptable video player system that is packed with even more opportunities to improve video on yours or your clients sites.


Permit me teach you how you can use this new Video Player to get started on creating more results and a greater income in your business.

To begin with lets add a single video then afterwards we’ll explain to you how the playlist features is placed…


Vlydo software Features and Benefits


Create Playlists, Categories and Sites


Integrated with Amazon . com S3, Dropbox, Google Get and play videos from any site


If you have used any other player, you would know that it only allows you play videos from Youtube or any other popular sites. But Vlydo is not the same. It integrated with Yahoo Drive, Dropbox and even Amazon S3 so you can directly play data from there and create playlists you store on the cloud.


And you may play videos from nearly every sites you want, Youtube is the great choice but once you have the videos self hosted, you can plug them into Vlydo player and get heading in couple of moments.


Integrate ANY Autoresponder


Vlydo integrate almost autoresponder (including Getresponse, Aweber, Mailerlite and others) which make it easier so that you can capture leads from your videos. You can make them enter into their email whenever you want & anywhere of it. That is the great way to build a targeted list.


Add Optin Forms & Social A lock


This is very cool feature that you can not only add unlimited optin forms but also have Social Hair on your videos and playlists – you can make people like, twitter update and any other interpersonal actions to watch your video or to make the video continue playing. This is a ninja technique and is very powerful but I think you should use this features carefully because it will make your audience not comfortable.


Add Captions and Subtitles


Having the ability to add your sayings and subtitles can be very powerful. Auto made ones are good when you can smartly place call to actions with a Jedi mind tricks on your audience, you can do a lot better than anyone otherwise.


Unlimited Player Themes & Skins


Regular grayscale gray video players are extremely dull or boring and take you back again this season – not Vlydo.


They’ve added many styles and skins to let you control how a player looks on your site. This makes you an authority on your site by by using a specific looking video and stand away from the crowd.


Intelligent Controls


Having the capacity to smartly advertise on videos is what you can do with Vlydo. Like showing advertising when viewers pause the video, start scrolling or do any other unaggressive action that takes attention away. This is a special feature that just isn’t easy to find are made up of players.



–           Create Unrestricted Playlists & Videos

–           Pre & Post Video Advertisings Built-in.

–           Integrated with all popular autoresponders

–           Lock videos for social sharing

–           Load videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Amazon & Dropbox

–           Running ads, pre-roll or post-roll for each and every online video

–           Cloud based software

–           Newbie Friendly – No technology skills needed.


How it works?


Using Vlydo is super easy. It’s an internet based software, so you may have to install and you will put it to use on almost website as you want: WordPress, joomla, leadpages & clickfunnels pages or even CODE sites.


You just have to follow 3 steps below to work with it:


–           Step 1: Brain to this Vlydo software and create an online video campaign

–           Step2: Add some video to your marketing campaign (remember add proactive strategy & email subscription with your videos)

–           Step3: After creating videos, Vlydo will builds the embed code which you may embed it to everywhere that you want the videos displayed

Vidify Review and get special bonus

Hi! Welcome to my Vidify review today. In the event that you are searching for a genuine assessment among numerous Vidify reviews out there, this is the perfect place to go. I have quite recently got a review access from Madhav and this post will be the nearby take a gander at the substance of this product. Along these lines, remain nearby to my Vidify review and see what it has inside.


As you may definitely know, video marketing is a predictable piece of each promoting efforts. You can’t augment the viability of your venture if there’s no video showcasing creation and advancement crusade.


Be that as it may, a large portion of the product today just offers you one single apparatus, for example, the video maker or the video sharing and boosting device. That makes you purchase different devices meaning the spending will be eaten up truly soon. You may lose much cash however getting numerous items which are not consolidated well together.

Vidify is the video advertising suite that give all of you devices in one place with one settled cost. With this bundle, you will have the most finished weapon to contend with the majority of your rivals at the largest amount of proficiency.

To find out about this product and in addition how it can help you more than other programming checks, the Vidify review beneath.


Vidify Review – Summary


  • Creator: Madhav Dutta


  • Launch Date: Jun 1, 2017


  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT


  • Official Price: $34-$47


  • Recommend: 100% suggested


  • Customer Support: quick and successful


What is Vidify?

Vidify is the new video promoting exhaustive suite that gives you different capacities to video creation, distributing, and sharing. It additionally accompanies many accomplished for-you formats to utilize in a flash and lift your activities to its most extreme level.


With this, you don’t need to stress over your video quality any longer. You additionally don’t need to purchase some other programming to make your video promoting arrangement works. Presently, check the beneath part of my Vidify review to perceive what highlights make the viability of this product.


The Key Features of Vidify


The rundown underneath is just a short look of mine at the substance of this bundle. In the event that you need to check full depiction of these components, go to the business page of this product directly beneath. Presently we’re going to subtle elements:


Inclining video recommendations


You can scan for inclining recordings by entering the watchwords that you need to plan to. The product will then prescribe the most popular recordings that are drifting as of late and you can simply take it for reusing. Or, then again you can get the thought and make another and one of a kind video for your crusade. The channel of Vidify is 100% adjusted with YouTube so you will get the most precise outcomes.


Video and GIF Creator Tool


You can make up to 30 120-second long recordings consistently. The 2 minute term is investigated to be the best length for viral recordings, the more extended ones would not be more powerful than that. Likewise, you can utilize the materials to make snappy GIFs ideal inside the product. Vidify enables you to include your own particular voiceover, pictures, and recordings to the framework so you can utilize them to make your recordings exceptional.


Amazing Video Download


You can download up to 20 recordings for every month from the framework. Additional credits can be obtained on the off chance that you require them. You don’t need to stress anything over the nature of your recordings since every one of them are in 720p HD determination. Your group of onlookers will have the best experience viewing your recordings.


Immense Stock of Materials


In this bundle, you will get some additional materials to help you make much better promoting recordings.


There are 5 premium video layouts that you simply need to supplant the placeholders to render an impeccable and high-changing over video. You will likewise get 20 sovereignty free music tracks, 30 stunning video impacts, more than 100,000 HD eminence free recordings, and more than 1 million interesting pictures. These are all that anyone could need for you to modify the recordings the way you need.


Video Analytics and Schedule


You can interface your record to numerous informal organizations and set up the sharing timetable for your recordings to them. The systems incorporate Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube. You will likewise get the video investigation to upgrade your procedure.


How Does Vidify Work?


The way toward utilizing Vidify is truly straightforward. You have the substance manufacturer ideal in there with a huge number of components, so the means will be:


  • Step 1: Choose a formats that you need to utilize or make another venture


  • Step 2: Edit the venture with your components and music foundation


  • Step 3: Export the yield document and set up sharing calendar for it


Who ought to utilize it?


Anybody with the need of an advertising video suite would require Vidify. It will be a divine being sent programming for boosting your item advancement or offering anything. I prescribe this for any item makers, online networking administrators, offshoots, and shop proprietors.


Vidify Review – Pros and Cons


The Pros of Vidify


             Huge material library with high esteem


             Easy to make and alter video


             Including sharing an examination capacities


The Cons of Vidify


Honestly, this bundle is complete to the point that I can’t perceive any blemishes.


My Verdict


This bundle is unrealistic. Be that as it may, it is truly being offered to us. I for one will get this bundle in the main day of its dispatch on the grounds that with the review get to no one but I can’t do much with it. It resembles taking the $1000+ worth arrangement by paying just shy of $50.


Vidify Review Conclusion


Vidify is accessible on June 1, 2017, at the brisk riser cost of just $34. Following 3 days of dispatch, the cost will go up to $47. So if need to take this arrangement and even take it efficiently, you ought to act today. Tap the connection underneath right now to go to its business page and secure the best cost for your Vidify account.


This is the finish of my Vidify review. All issues identified with this item would be examined in the remark area beneath. Much obliged to you for perusing!

Pitchmaker Review and bonus

Hi! Today we will be as one in this Pitchmaker review. Made by Mario Brown, Pitchmaker is the fresh out of the box new entire package to construct any business recordings or online class conveying introductions without trouble. Indeed, even with that guarantee from the essayist group, despite everything you ought to consider great elements before putting your well deserved cash into it. In this way, with the review access from Mario, today I’m uncovering everything for you in this Pitchmaker review.

On the off chance that you need to purchase this manufacturer, then you have been working in the advertising business for some time. You likely know this the vital of visual materials, for example, deals recordings, pictures, attempts to sell something, et cetera to the accomplishment of your crusade.

We should make this straight: on the off chance that you stay away from have a deals online video or item introduction, your battle is running with basically a 50 % of its greatest adequacy. However , procuring a video creation group to make it will cost you various dollars. What’s more, don’t think about doing it without anyone else’s help! You can lose much additional time and vitality without the ensured comes about.

On this event, Pitchmaker makes it less troublesome so you can control this subject. From this product, Mario included 6 immense modules with the best devices to give you a chance to make your own extraordinary recordings and showings thoroughly free.

Before going to settle on the choice on the off chance that you ought to purchase this item or not, how about we see some inside subtle elements of this Pitchmaker developer to know whether it’s justified regardless of the venture. Remain shut to my Pitchmaker review to get the primary data.

What precisely is Pitchmaker?

Pitchmaker is an online programming enabling you to make deals video and web class slideshows with the choice of thousands of materials to finish this. In the front finished result, Mario gives you numerous pre-made web layouts for fast setting up and in addition a capable manufacturer to take control over all components.

With Pitchmaker, you may need to spend any additional dollar to utilize the administration of marketing specialists or video makers. You can make the video in the way you need with the kind of substance you need.

The general adaptability of Pitchmaker enables you to utilize the accomplished for-you layouts in the library or modify those to fabricate your best individualized recordings.

Pitchmaker Review – The attributes

Presently, a couple check the in this manufacturer to perceive what you will get with Pitchmaker.

Immense Library of VSL Framework

Pitchmaker accompanies different bundles of VSL structure for different reason. By basically giving the key data of your battles or items, you can manufacture quick 12-stage video deals notice. You may likewise make it as explainer shape or advancing snappy offer through it.

300+ Pre-made cases and designs

In the event that you need to set up everything truly brisk to make a burst, this bundle arrangement is for you. Pick from the a lot of lovely layouts, embed your data, and discover the attempts to seal the deal done in seconds.

Affirmed and Highly Customizable Structures

The duplicates of Pitchmaker is composed by some of tops marketing specialists so you will get the best bundle to begin with. What’s more, on the off chance that you wish to alter them to make your own particular duplicate, the well ordered manager maybe there is so you can utilize and send results to customers in 1 click.

Extreme PPT editorial manager and slideshow creator

You can by hand control the slide break easily to make the most changing over video rundown inside least time. Taking after completing the work, you can hit only one catch with 1 snap to move the entire venture into delightful slides.

50+ Specialist Voice Actors

You will definately get appropriate in the dashboard the accumulation of 50+ sounds from expert on-screen characters to make your VSL energizing and dynamic. It will stand out enough to be noticed and use the achievements of your recordings.

Exactly how does Pitchmaker function?

The product is easily to use with well ordered shopper manual showing up at whatever point you deliver another venture. You can take after only 4 straightforward strides directly underneath in my Pitchmaker review to make an incredible showing with regards to:

– Step 1: Working into the product and pick the material sorts of your longing

– Step 2: Choosing the most loved layout from the index and alter it

– Step 3: Completing the key data of your advancements and take after the manual for wrap up

– Step 4: Selecting the plan topics and sending out your video.

Who ought to utilize Pitchmaker?

All things considered, Pitchmaker is about making and refreshing VSL and introductions to improve the consequences of your crusades and spare your cash. This product is prescribed to anybody working in the advertising business or working together that has a place with them.

Pitchmaker review – Positives and negatives

The Pros of Pitchmaker

? They have spotless and simple to-utilize program

? The application library is colossal with profitable formats

? The support from Mario Darkish is quick

The Cons of Pitchmaker

To be completely forthright, I maintain a strategic distance from see any enormous hindrance. Pitchmaker is extremely financially savvy.

My Verdict

In general, Pitchmaker is a well-done programming from Mario and it’s truly not all that shocking in light of the fact that this individual had numerous extraordinary items propelled in the past. In the wake of checking the substance of this manufacturer, We feel that the incentive inside it outperforms the little speculation you need to make when purchasing the front final result. Surprisingly better, the Pitchmaker programming is presently in the unique begin time, so you ought to take elements of this risk.

Pitchmaker Review Realization

Pitchmaker is presently accessible on Mario’s authentic site at this product at the cost of $37, starting from 11: 00 EDT on, may 4, 2017. In particular, in the event that you get the product inside initial twenty four hours of dispatch time, the cost is directly down to simply $27. Along these lines, please secure your most obvious opportunity to get Pitchmaker! Basically tap the likc down underneath to get the $27 value at this moment before the uncommon dispatch offer finishes!

This is the finish of my Pitchmaker review and I have let you know all that I really observed inside. On the off chance that you meet any issues with this item, be sure capacity shed a remark underneath to get upheld. Much obliged to you for perusing!

Video Ad Mastery Review

Learn How To Instantly Create & Convert Niche Passionate Audiences On Facebook Using Simple Video Ads And Set/Forget Evergreen Campaigns

video ad mastery

When It Comes To Using Facebook To Drive Traffic And Make Sales, You’re Probably In One Of Three Categories:

CATEGORY #1: You know the power of Facebook ads to generate bigger revenue faster than anything else in existence, but you don’t have the money or haven’t done it for yourself yet.

CATEGORY #2: You’ve had a little success with Facebook advertising, but can’t seem to generate the massive numbers you see other people doing.

CATEGORY #3: You’re happy with the Facebook results you’ve had so far, and now you want MORE, baby, MORE!

No Matter Which Category You Find Yourself In…Video Ad Mastery Is By Far The Most PROVEN, REVOLUTIONARY, “INSIDER” Training That We GUARANTEE Will Take You To That Next Level… Even If You Have:

  • No Experience
  • No Content
  • No Niche
  • No List
  • No Product
  • A Micro Budget

We Simply REFUSE To Fill Your Head With CRAP!

Instead of making a bunch of hype-y promises with NO substance behind them…

Instead of talking about “feelings” rather than RESULTS…

buy now

We want to dive right into the heart of the matter, the thing you REALLY care about as you decide to join us inside Video Ad Mastery…

WHY Is Video Ad Mastery Your Very Best Chance To Achieve Your Income Dreams With The Power Of Facebook Ads?

We Leverage Video Custom Audiences To Drive Cheap, Lazer Targeted Clicks To Our Offers Everyday!

Video Ad Mastery uses the POWERFUL form of Facebook Advertising… Video Ad Audiences!

And we use these audiences along with a special sequence of retargeting to let interested people self segment themselves and start buying all our products automatically…

AND this system is so simple, once set up it just churns away EVERGREEN – generating a targeted audience, getting clicks and making sales!

Never have to burn money on ineffective ads, feel confused about anything, ever again! That is not just our GUARANTEE, but our SOLEMN PROMISE..

What Sets Video Ad Mastery LIGHTYEARS Ahead? We’ll Reveal How To Make Facebook Do The Work For YOU. And It Probably Won’t Surprise You…

That When Facebook Hands You Super Cheap Targeted Audiences…

The Results Are Better Than Anything Else Ever. Period.

Watch The Video Below For A Quick Overview Of The Video Ad Mastery System…

What you will get after joining Video Ad Mastery?

Video Ad Mastery Is A Step By Step ‘Over The Shouder’ Video Course That You Will Be Able To Instantly Access From Your Private Members’ Area.

Inside Video Ad Mastery, You’ll Discover:

  • How to quickly build a highly targeted niche audience from SCRATCH and use that audience along with easy to create Video Ads to make INSANE amounts of money. Follow along with us as we take you by the hand, and lead you to results, this is it.
  • Watch as we source products for our REAL fan page audience of over 70,000 fans (nothing hidden) setup up a video ad from scratch in a few minutes directly in Facebook (no other tools needed) and start genrating evergreen clicks and sales in our niche!
  • Why we can give you a 110% guarantee that all you have to do is TAKE ACTION to get some of the most insane results of your life. Nothing else is so FAST.
  • How to start with as little as $5. NO content of your own, NO customers of your own, NO list, NO connections… nothing but an Internet connection and the desire to make it happen.
  • It doesn’t matter how you want to profit: if it’s eCommerce, digital products, t-shirts, Shopify stores, CPA, list building, or anything else in between… these traffic methods can drive the cheapest, most targeted traffic of your life to result in incredible profit.
  • The CHEAPEST, Facebook approved way to run ads directly to squeeze pages, affiliate links, and ANYWHERE else you thought was off limits (it’s NOT… you just have to do it this legal way…)
  • How to make Facebook give you the best and most profitable audiences you’ll ever target. Hungry hungry buyers and the most passionate people in your niche! This audience is already “hiding” on Facebook’s servers, and there’s one EASY way to access that info for yourself. And we can’t wait to show you how.
  • How to use other peoples’ content while obeying all copyright laws and never getting in trouble.
  • The engagement HACK that eliminates all of those wasted “reactions” on your ads and weeds out only the people who are TRULY passionate in your niche.
  • How to use super simple video ads to create the most elite, best performing audience you have ever targeted to – and leverage it for constant streams of cheap traffic to your offers!

It’s Probably Crystal Clear That Video Ad Mastery Is…

  • The Most Unique & Powerful Facebook Advertising Training In Years
  • No one else is telling you how to use Video Ads the way we use them…
  • No one else is (legally) bending Facebook over backwards to get their golden data, niches, and audiences…
  • And no one else is using Facebook to send traffic direct to squeeze pages, Product Pages & more, completely legally…

That’s why we want to do everything in our power to make sure you get your hands on these secrets today!

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Video Ad Mastery – SALES FUNNEL

Video Ad Mastery (Front End) is an in depth step by step video course that shows how to quickly and cheaply build a huge retargeting list of niche passionate people using Facebook video ads…

And then how to quickly profit from this audience with evergreen, scarcity driven retargeting promotions

Video Ad Mastery PLUS (OTO1) is a collection of graphic and video templates along with step by step video tutorials showing how to use them to quickly implement the Video Ad Mastery system explained in the Front End Product…

Ali Spy (OTO2) is a desktop software for Mac and Windows that makes product research and sourcing from simple and easy…

So users implementing the VAM system can quickly find winning products to dropship to their new niche passionate audiences.

Ecom Ignite Mastermind (OTO3) Is a 4 week intensive bootcamp with Sam & James – run through a private FB group.

This is perfect for customers who need more hand holding and/or accountability – where we push them to get results and answer any questions and personally help them through the steps to set up the VAM system and start monetising.

After The 4 Weeks members get lifetime access to the group which is regularly updated with exclusive content…


With just $24.95 you will get:

  • Complete Step By Step Video Course
  • How To Setup Your Video Ad
  • How To Setup Your Engagement Audience
  • How To Automate & Evergreen Your Campaigns
  • How To Setup Evergreen Expiring Timers
  • How to Create Simple Video Ads Directly In Facebook
  • How To ‘Multi-Level’ Re-market To Your Audience
  • BONUS: How To Automate Your Ad Management
  • BONUS: How To Create ‘Reaction’ Audiences
  • BONUS: How To Create Lookalike Audiences The Right Way
  • Private Members Area, 24/7 Support

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Videopal Review Bonus

VideoPal Review – Introduction

Identify the truth about VideoPal within my review. I actually is going to disclose all you need to know for this software. Therefore please bear with me until the very end.

VideoPal Review

Name: VideoPal

Internet site: VideoPal Review

Owner: John Gross & Paul Ponna

Price: $37 + special offers

Overall Rating: 82 Away of 95

What is VideoPal

VideoPal is the world’s revolutionary new software suite that encompasses stunning looking Animated 3D, Computer animated 2D and Human Spokespersons (Video Pals) and allows them to be included in ANY website (even sites you don’t own).

Likewise add to blogs, internet commerce sites, bonus pages, and landing pages in mere seconds to instantly boost sales, conversions and leads.

Online video Pal technology is fully compatible with cellphones and smart devices. The purchasers can use the Text-To-Speech technology to convey any subject matter that boosts visitor diamond and drives sales or leads.

VideoPal’s “World’s Perfect Life-Like Text-To-Speech Engine” features 47 male and feminine voices across 24 different languages, rendering it flexible to convert sales anywhere around the world.

Video Buddie Call to Action

With Video Pal you can add call-to-action buttons, optin-forms, countdown timers, online codes and text on top of the VideoPal videos to further improve conversions.

Users can also upload their own green screen or “solid background” videos and convert to fully mobile compatible Video Pals in seconds.

Here’s A Demonstration Video if you don’t have Watched it:

The Great & Unhealthy

There might be some advantages & disadvantages about the entire program. I wanted to be fair, and give you my perspective about it.

So here are the things i thought about VideoPal:

The Great

The application is straightforward to use.

Great quality Text to Presentation voice. I am aware it is from IVONA technology which I use personally.

Certainly can increase conversions. Issues like getting more leads, sales, or actions you want your visitors to take.

The Bad

It may slow your website somewhat.

VideoPal Upsells

It is pretty common that you will see several special offers after the initial purchase.


But lucky you, Let me reveal them right here.


Here we go..


VideoPal Special offers


Now, those upsells may or might not exactly be good for you. But almost all of time, the real value is in the more pricey products.


My personal Final Thoughts

Overall, VideoPal is a good software. You may create awesome online video pals that increase sales.


And ultimately, generate more leads & sales into your marketing strategies.


Now if you desire a complementary Schooling on getting free traffic easily, I suggest looking at out my recommended system.


You get to learn step-by-step on getting your content rank 1st web page of Google. Don’t you like having a frequent stream of traffic for free? I actually do.


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