Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus

Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus review

Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus
Video Spin blaster pro plus

Ali G. also, I’m here to present you the Fastest and Easiest To Use Video Creation Software EVER Created!

I know you get shelled every month with another progressive new video creation programming…

Well this one is NOT progressive!

(heh,.. really it is, yet I will give you a chance to understand that!)

Our fundamental concentration was to make it EASY TO USE!

You DON’T HAVE TO BE DESIGNER to make AWESOME videos utilizing VSB!

(Hell… we are most certainly not! Be that as it may, look at how cool the videos from this page are! Every one of them are made utilizing VSB!)

Hold on for me and discover why our customers keep on using Video Spin Blaster on regular routine…

See more: Video Wave review

Furthermore, don’t abandon it gather clean introduced some place in an envelope that you disregard…

Well not just you can make videos with the push of two catches…

In any case, you can include Human Sounding

Content To-Speech voices effortlessly!

Look at The Video Bellow To Hear How Real Our Text To Speech Engine Is!

50+ Male and Female Voices

More than 10 Langauages!

Huge amounts Of Languages Supported In VSB Pro+:

Cantonese, Catalan, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English UK, English US, English India, English Australia,

Complete, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish


Vlad and Stoica, the engineers of VSB,

Are not English speakers…

So every time they needed to promote a product they were paying tremendous fees($30/moment) to have some individual record their script…

Well that was truly exorbitant…

What’s more, they needed to hold up days until they got the voice over…

Ordinarily they missed promotions in light of the fact that the voice over was not conveyed on time.

So they chose to locate the best Text To Speech voices and execute them in their Private Video Creator Software.

After Todd Gross tried VSB+ he let us know:

Yet, VSB is far beyond Text-To-Speech!

Video Spin Blaster Plus is a 4 in 1 Software!

Video Creator

You can make and render videos with a couple clicks and without holding up an unfathomable length of time to render. Our one of a kind framework will render 10 minutes in length HD videos in under one moment!

Content To Speech

With our better than ever content to discourse motor, you can include custom content and sound each of your slides

Mass Watermark

You can watermark an organizer of videos, utilizing irregular watermarks and arbitrary positions with only two ticks!

Video Spinner

By spinning a Video Spin Blaster PRO 2.0 can create a large number of exceptional duplicates of a similar video record, so YouTube does not recognize the documents as copy.

You realize that I am a “straight to the point” kind of fellow!

So let me skirt all the lighten and demonstrate to you a few videos that were made 100% utilizing VSB.

If it’s not too much trouble note! The voice over of the videos is produced specifically with VSB!

Disconnected Business – Plumber

JVZoo Review

Airsoft Business

Occasion Resort

Give me a chance to get out a thing…

You can utilize VSB in mix with any of the other video maker apparatuses out there or standalone!

Doesn’t make a difference in the event that you made videos with Video Maker FX, Explaindio, Doodly, simple portray pro, and so on!

Add Human sound Text-To-Speech voice over

Everything Without Having To Learn Anything New,

Then again WAITING An Eternity To Render Your Videos…

Give me a chance to give you a snappy illustration.

Making a slideshow video utilizing Camtasia that will have the length of 10 minutes and will contain around 20 slides, will take no less than 30-50 minutes to do.

Obviously this relies on upon how brisk you proceed onward your PC.

With VSB+ you can really make a 10 minute long video in under 2 minutes.

In this 2 minutes I incorporate the downloading of pictures, of sounds and adding content and a watermark to the video.

The real render of the video take under 10 seconds.

Inconceivable right?

Look at VSB In Action:

Look at This Video And See With Your Own Eyes How I Create A Video In Less Than 2 Minutes!

We worked truly difficult to ensure that VSB is that simple to utilize, that even our grandmother can utilize it!


Look at the Main Features of VSB+

what’s more, you will comprehend why VSB is the ULTIMATE Video Creator!

VSB PRO 2 is about SPEED

We as a whole realize that in the event that you need to do video advertising, mass is the KEY.

Making videos with customary programming is wasteful, as well as hard and SLOW.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you are doing YouTube advertising you will realize that it’s difficult to transfer a similar video different circumstances (to traget various catchphrases) since that video will be distinguished as copy.

With Video Spin Blaster+ you can make huge amounts of videos from similar slides by randomizing the request of your slides and transfer every one of them on YouTube!

Your videos will look AWESOME!

We worked months to ensure that it will be simple, notwithstanding for a tyke to make shocking looking videos with Video Spin Blaster+.

All the high video creation devices are difficult to ace!

Following quite a while of testing we could locate the ideal harmony amongst intricacy and effortlessness of the interface!

It took me a while as a Marketer to understand that speed of usage is critical. VSB conveys that in spades. Stoica and Vlad reliably discharge (and support!) extraordinary products.

Clive McGonigal

IM Power Club

This is the best video maker ever! I like that it is anything but difficult to use, there is no expectation to absorb information!

Ionut Macovei


Vlad and Stoica helped us building us a 1000 videos crusade for our Hosting organization. Their mystery weapon was Video Spin Blaster, they spined one video in several exceptional duplicates!

Cristi Kix

Shape Host

I”ve began utilizing the principal adaptation of Video Spin Blaster 4 years back, when I was doing CPA promoting. VSB is one of only a handful few apparatuses that I use every day!

Isfan Bogdan

Blaster Member

So… Here Is The Deal:


You won’t need to take in any unpredictable programming!


You won’t need to contract voice over craftsmen for your videos any more!


You won’t need to sit tight an unending length of time for your videos to render!


You won’t need to pay $500 for this!

For One Time Only…


Be that as it may, Heck!

Indeed, even at 500$ this would be a genuinely decent speculation… you would recover your cash in a matter of moments!

Contribute One Time… Profit FOREVER

(100% Risk-Free)


We’re totally sure that Video Spin Blaster is precisely what YOU NEED to at long last get your videos saw and get more activity.

Truth be told, we’re so certain it will work for you, we’re set up to give you a chance to attempt it hazard free for 30 days.

At the end of the day, You are going out on a limb when you put resources into Video Spin Blaster!

On the off chance that you don’t care for the product, you simply send us an email and we will give you back all your cash!

You Take NO RISK!

Video Spin Blaster KEY FACTS:


Simple TO USE

Effectively TESTED

YES Guys!

I’m prepared to get to the following Video Marketing level.


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